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Created in July of 1991, Color Me Personal specializes in custom lineman gifts and novelties inspired by the journeyman. The name Color Me Personal was chosen because each lineman gift we sell is crafted from a personal knowledge of the journeyman/lineman profession. From t-shirts to mugs to retirement and birthday gifts, our products are conversation pieces designed to honor skilled workers.

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A Lineman’s Journey

Whether burying wires or climbing higher
must be every Lineman’s desire.

Sometimes working day and night
seems at times such a dreadful fight.

There’s no retreat from the winter’s cold , or
summer’s heat;  just a Lineman up for another feat.

Many would choose a mop
rather than climb a hundred footer to the top.

Truly not a job for most−but we thank God
for our Linemen, we boast!

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